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double diamond deluxe slot machine manual A friendly reminder of procedures when receiving your slot machine. Double Diamond MMU and E Series Traffic Controllers are trademarks Preface — About This Manual. . TS 2 Programming Card Slot. Many of the slot machines that are currently on casino floors were either produced by IGT or are based on some of their models, including the Double Diamond.


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August 24, , I checked all fuses, firmly reseated the mother board, and check connectors? How do I reset this thing? In addition to making it easy to access IGT slot machine manuals, Gamblers Choice also carries an assortment of slot machines. You'll hear another "ding" The Winner Paid window will change to a [], and the credits will run a count-up until it displays []. I just want to say thanks for this: double diamond deluxe slot machine manual

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Well I gave it a try. Thanks for the fast reply. It doesn't hurt to run the Clear process over again. Spammers will be eaten, with relish! They're a great group of guys and gals! The vendors will probably spot your ad and send you a PM. Some guys including me Dance a little jig of happiness The [zero] comes on in the Coins Played window, and reels start their "maiden spin"!!!!!! StatFreak rotaredoM etiS GLN labolG Global NLG Site Moderator Sr. This means you're still messing around with the machine Did you get the SET chip too? When you see the [61], press the little white Test button located on front or behind the power switch box.

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